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Gresham Wealth Management Service

Gresham currently manages, on an advisory basis, almost £100 million of client funds across a full range of asset classes. All portfolios are individually tailored to client circumstances taking into account each client’s objectives, appetite for investment risk, time horizon, personal preferences and capacity for loss.

Portfolios are regularly reviewed (usually annually or six monthly) with recommendations to make alterations, when appropriate. Portfolios may be biased towards income generation, capital growth or a combination. A key part of portfolio construction is ensuring that the tax leakage is minimised and allowances – for example, capital gains tax allowances – are utilised.

Our strategic investment partner is Cormorant Capital Strategies who assist in designing asset allocation strategies and in security selections.

Gresham Investment Committee

The Gresham Investment Committee meets every quarter to review asset allocations and adjust as necessary. The Investment Committee Charter and minutes of the Committee meetings are available.

Investment Committee Principles

Investment Committee Minutes

Asset Allocation Factsheets