Gresham Pension and Retirement Planning Service

Depending on where you are in life, you might be saving into pensions or drawing an income from accumulated pension funds; wherever you are, Gresham is able to advise and assist you, making sure that your options and tax efficiency are maximised.

For many clients, retirement is not a one-off event, but instead is often a longer process of gradual adjustment from full to part time work where retirement income may need to be built up progressively as earned income declines.

We regularly advise clients on:

  • Where to invest their pension contributions, how to take advantage of unused allowances, how to claim the right level of tax relief.
  • The use of Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) – when they are appropriate and when they are simply an expensive and unnecessary luxury.
  • How and when to draw income from their accumulated pension funds, the use of various annuity options, how to use tax free cash progressively to minimise income tax liabilities.
  • The selection of the right pension provider.