Protecting Your Family

None of us like to talk about the worst possibilities in life, but we all know that the future is uncertain. Long term illnesses, incapacity or early death can have devastating consequences on our families – consequences which can be lessened with the right form of financial protection arrangements. Typically, these can pay a lump sum or ongoing income in the event of

  • Death
  • Long term illness
  • Incapacity

And if you have set up plans some years ago, there’s a good chance that a review will show that savings can be made by replacing older plans with more modern and better targeted plans. That said, we would never advise you to give up a plan until any replacement is fully in place.

Using Trusts

Contrary to some beliefs, trusts do not have to be either complicated or expensive – wordings can often be provided for free. A trust is an ideal way of ensuring that assets pass to the right person (or persons) at the right time. Gresham can advise on which trusts offer the best approach and necessary degree of flexibility. We usually work closely with our client’s solicitors and always advise clients to ask their solicitors to check the appropriateness of any draft trust wordings.